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Daily links #20110610

10 Jun

The right mix – Virtual bartender.

Geeky stuff – The essentials.

Resolution – We need more.

The Dictator – Named Sacha.

Crazy juggling – He must have three hands.



Daily links #20110604

4 Jun

Swedish Armed Forces – Team test

Stages of a photographer – So true.

Map of Metal -If you’re into rock, you’ll love this.

Shuffler – Surf the music web.

Human Tetris – The original video.


Daily links #20110603

3 Jun

Dance assassin – Urban ninja is back.

Bloxorz – A clever flash game.

King’s Quest III – Revisited.

Facts have changed – We keep learning more.

Programming errors – Inbreeding causes a lot of trouble.


Daily links #20110531

31 May

Anne Frank Zappa – Creative image editing.

Holy Ipad – It has so many uses!

The deadliest swords – A top 10 list.

Crovel – The swiss-knife of shovels.

Tower defense – Desktop edition.