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Daily links #20110610

10 Jun

The right mix – Virtual bartender.

Geeky stuff – The essentials.

Resolution – We need more.

The Dictator – Named Sacha.

Crazy juggling – He must have three hands.



Daily links #20110609

9 Jun

Paintings – Hyper realistic ones.

The Iland – Surrealism contest winner.

A new hope – Actually it’s a new new hope.

Worst PPTs – Feel free to email them.

Unicorn Robocop – That’s what I call Art.

Daily links #20110608

8 Jun

12 Quilts – Sci-fi fans will love them.

Star Wars posters – Vintage ones.

Useful keyboard – Not the way you think.

Greatest journeys – From Magellan to Kerouac.

Wayne’s World – Papercuts.


Daily links #20110607

7 Jun

Sad Trombone – The sound of fail.

Can ants count? – Damn!

Juggler – IT is pretty good.

What internet needs – In pyramid form.

Talk-o-meter – How much do YOU talk?


Daily links #20110606

6 Jun

Email tips – Useful ones.

You can’t eat that – For sure.

Zorbas – Or is it zorbus?

Inception button – Press it.

ZILF – My favorite kind of zombie.


Daily links #20110604

4 Jun

Swedish Armed Forces – Team test

Stages of a photographer – So true.

Map of Metal -If you’re into rock, you’ll love this.

Shuffler – Surf the music web.

Human Tetris – The original video.


Daily links #20110603

3 Jun

Dance assassin – Urban ninja is back.

Bloxorz – A clever flash game.

King’s Quest III – Revisited.

Facts have changed – We keep learning more.

Programming errors – Inbreeding causes a lot of trouble.