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Daily links #20110531

31 May

Anne Frank Zappa – Creative image editing.

Holy Ipad – It has so many uses!

The deadliest swords – A top 10 list.

Crovel – The swiss-knife of shovels.

Tower defense – Desktop edition.


Daily links #20110530

30 May

Windows 7 tricks – Geeky but useful stuff.

One hand keyboard – Who needs full QWERTY?

Magic Numbers – Mathemagical fun.

Reality – Unmotivational photo.

The candle experiment – Try it!


Daily links #20110528

28 May

Flying cars – Top ten list.

The worst pcs of all time – Another top ten.

Pimp your office – 12 ways of doing it.

The mighty dice-o-matic – Die roll generator.


Daily links #20110526

26 May

Wookies – A family portrait.

Portal Tetris – Try to beat the high score.

Super Mario Bros – With real sound effects.

The booze test -Know thy poison.

A4 papercut – That’s art for sure.


Daily links #20110525

25 May

Dirty Harry Potter – Blasphemous or funny? You decide.

Chewbacca noodles -Would you eat them?

The old internet – A chance to use it again.

Hacker typer – Coding, hollywood style.

Let me google that for you – It is becoming more and more useful these days.


Daily links #20110524

24 May

Wrecked exotics – A site about… wrecked exotic cars.

Interclocked – An addictive puzzle game.

Star Wars graffiti – 32 examples of awesome Star Wars graffiti.

Retro Iphone cover – Hipsters meet your God!

Miyamoto interviewed – Mr. Nintendo talks to The Observer.